Leonardo da Vinci in Milan: Last Supper & Codex Atlanticus

From the exceptional Last Supper to the Codex Atlanticus.

Enjoy 3-hours guided tour with a small group tour understanding Leonardo's masterpieces conserved in Milan.

1-Hour Guided Tour of The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci

The Last Supper, named also “Cenacolo Vinciano”, is one of the most famous paintings made by Leonardo Da Vinci.

With a professional tour guide, discover one of the main masterpieces made by Leonardo conserved in Milan.

Musical Tour: La Scala Opera House & Giuseppe Verdi

La Scala Opera House was the place where many actors, musicians found out the inspiration, including Rossini, Puccini and Verdi and many others.

Take 2-hour to discover the relation between Giuseppe Verdi and La Scala Opera House.

The Duomo of Milan’s hidden treasures

No doubts that the Duomo of Milan is the most exceptional architecture of the city, known all around the world.

Enjoy 2-Hour guided tour and prepare yourself to discover the history and the secrets behind the symbol of Milan. 

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