Florence's Hidden Past: Archaeological National Museum Tour

Florence's Hidden Past: Archaeological National Museum Tour

2-3 hours

Starting from €48

Are you ready to discover the true Etruscan Chimera? How about the mummies that Florence hosts?


The Florentine Archaeological Museum is the second most important in Italy for Egyptology, right after the majestic museum in Turin. It is also the most important museum for Etruscan history.

We have prepared two different itineraries for you: the first was created for the fun of children and those who are not experts in archeology. It will be a light itinerary through the most famous Roman, Greek and Egyptian artifacts of the Museum, accompanied by our certified local guide.


The second itinerary, provides a more in-depth and technical archaeological experience,  ideal for art experts interested in seeing unique pieces such as Mater Matuta, now on exhibition at the museum.


Choose the path that inspires you most with your guide.

This museum was founded shortly after the Franco-Tuscan expedition of Champollion, the famous scholar and hieroglyphic decoder.


The museum houses an important collection of Etruscan art, including the famous Chimera, as well as Egyptian artifacts and mummies (which are displayed only here, in Turin, and at the Louvre) in an atmosphere that is made mystical by Egyptian frescoes and decorations .


The exquisite and exotic garden of the Museum houses some rare jewels, true Etruscan megalithic tombs, Roman mosaics, and much more.


  • Monolingual guide

  • Small Group

  • Tickets included

  • Entrance to the Egyptian Museum


Meeting point:

10.20 am at the Archeological Museum Gardens (the ticket office)​


If customers cancel up to 48 hours prior to tour departure, they are entitled to a 100% refund.